Online surveys

Budget limitations? Use MRA’s bespoke online surveys

  • They’re faster. On average two-thirds shorter than traditional research methods. Information is gathered automatically and response times are instant — we don’t have to wait for paper questionnaires to come back to us and in our experience more than half of responses are received within the first three days of the project
  • It’s more cost effective. Using online questionnaires reduces research costs. Budget saved on postage and the allocation of time and resources to enter the information into a database can all be poured in to the research
  • Accuracy. Because participants enter their responses directly into the system the margin of error is greatly reduced
  • Analysis speed. Online survey results are ready to be analysed at any time and can also be viewed in real-time so if you’re looking to act quickly, create graphs for reporting, export data for further analysis or share your results with someone who needs them urgently, they’re going to get what they need quickly
  • Easy to use for participants. The majority of people prefer to answer surveys online instead of using the telephone. With an online survey, participants can pick a moment that suits them best and the time needed to complete the survey is much shorter. Questions that are not relevant to a particular participant can be skipped automatically.
  • Selective. With an online survey you can pre-screen participants and allow only those who match your target profile to complete the survey.