Quantitative customer satisfaction

Build your brand

Customer satisfaction surveys can become imperative tools for improving your business and ensuring your customers are happy and loyal. Successful business owners and managers realise that keeping customers costs less than finding new ones. If certain practices drive customers away, a business repeatedly spends time and money on advertising and other efforts to recruit more.

Studies show satisfied clients tend to buy products more often and develop loyalty to a particular brand. They often spread the word by recommending products and services to friends and family as an informal referral process. Customer satisfaction surveys give firms specific information about positive and negative perceptions, which can improve marketing and/or sales efforts. These perceptions are especially important because of the increased use of social media by people of all ages. One negative comment posted on social media could be seen by thousands of potential customers. Angry customers can use unfair criticism and untrue statements to harm a firm’s reputation. And repairing the damage or countering false representations can prove costly.

MRA Research helps you create statistical data that can be scientifically analysed and we will guide you from the first step of establishing intended goals through writing survey questions rich in detail, to creating a process for comparing results.